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Resonance | The Ultimate BizOps Platform

Join the software ecosystem that synchronizes contracting Venue Ops, event management, CRM, invoicing, payments, and communications across your entire organization.

Spend less time wrangling software and herding team members with better Project Management at a much lower cost.

Simple Streamlined Workflows:

Find Better Talent:
Post job listings, create custom applications, track applicants, message users, and automate application updates

Manage Teams:
Manage teams across projects, assign roles and permissions, link users to events, locations & positions, and organize them into groups.

Contracts Simplified:
Build custom contracts with drag-and-drop clauses, negotiate terms, generate PDFs, and create templates for various types of positions.

Connect Payments:
Automate payments, generate invoices, send reminders, and set payment deadlines based on contract terms.

Automate Scheduling:
Plan your season, schedule resources, check for conflicts, share calendars, and manage locations & venues across your organization.

Organize Everything:
Securely store media, data, inventory, and generate a variety of branded custom reports across user types and locations.

Venue Ops Management Reimagined:

Easily manage client data, events, and communications through a single, user-friendly platform purpose-built for venue ops. Have complete control of your business operations with advanced scheduling, bookings, contract management, billing, payments, and more.

A Collaborative Platform:

Engage: Easily connect with individuals and organizations in an all-inclusive environment with detailed permissions.

Do it all: Manage listings, sell tickets, track projects, and integrate your business portal with a variety of outside services and platforms.

Enhanced Productivity:

Shared Workspace: Assign unique permissions to a shared portal where users see only what you want them to see.

Intelligent Reporting: Create detailed dashboards for insights into scheduling, contracting, payments, user management, and more.

Streamlined Communications:
Automate everything with ease: event reminders, SMS notifications, and securely manage files and documents in one place. Integrate with existing corporate systems to streamline communications within your organization from any device — desktop or mobile phone.

Resonance makes Event Management & VenueOps Services simple. All from a single easy-to-use Production Management Software.

Our mission at Resonance is to transform the way relationships and operations are managed in the business world.

A Single Pane-of-Glass:

We’ve set out to build a first-of-its-kind software ecosystem that streamlines and connects businesses worldwide. We provide an innovative platform to foster business relationships by taking away monotonous busy-work so you can focus on what matters most.

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Custom T Shirts Pleasanton! T Shirt Printing Starting At $12.99 No Minimum