Short Everest Base Camp Trek, Short Everest Base Camp Trek Tours

hort Everest Base Camp Trek Highlights!

Short Everest Base Camp Trekking allows you to be on the foot of Mt. Everest(you may read our blog: Where is mount Everest located?) in short duration of trekking.
Sweeping panoramic flight to and from Kathmandu-Lukla overlooking Mt. Everest.
In addition, enjoy walk at its best along with constant views of high snow- capped mountains with this trekking in Nepal.
Similarly, explore impressive Sherpa culture around lovely villages intact with Buddhism religion.
Moreover ,visit colorful monastery at Tengboche of great interest facing views of giant peaks.
Furthermore, walk into lovely alpine woodland of tall rhododendron-pines with glorious scenery.
As more, adventure right beneath world’s highest peaks within massive Khumbu Ice-fall and glaciers.
Short Trek to Everest Base Camp Trip Summary
Trip Mode: In Hotels and local nice lodge basis.
Trek Grade: Moderate to Adventurous due to high altitude gain.
Areas of Trek: Nepal North Mid-East within high Khumbu around Everest region.
People and Culture: Dominated by highlanders the Sherpa of Everest. Attached with ancient culture and traditions of Buddhism religion.
Mode of transport: Taking air journey of 35 minutes scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and back.
Highest Altitude: On Top Kalapatthar 5,643 m and at Everest base camp 5,364 m high.
Duration of Treks: 09 Nights and 10 Days from Lukla to Lukla.
Total Trip: 09 Nights and 10 Days Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

Why Short Everest Base Camp Trek?
‘Reach world highest mountain base camp in short time frame with super mountain scenery’
Some adventurer and trekkers may have short vacation holidays for Nepal. But with dream to be close to world number one peak, then Short Everest Base Camp trekking is perfect. This will be an ideal adventure holiday within more than a week time frame of 10 Days. But before joining this trek, know few things about base camp trek which gives more insight.

This 10 days Everest Base Camp Trek is high altitude walks. Thus, trekkers should be in excellent physical form with sound medical health. So that they can tackle the high altitude terrain and thin air. However, our standard itinerary is set to allow you time to adjust for acclimatization on each overnight stops. So, knowing the difficulty level of Everest Base Camp Trek is most important during this trek. Apart from other package like Everest base camp trek 16 days, we have excluded rest days in middle of trek to make it short.

Short Everest Base Camp Trek will be one of the fastest ways to reach at its base camp which helps you to feel in high spirits. This trek will cover high altitude distance in short time, which is quite amazing and requires great courage. Moreover, energy with positive attitude needs to take part in quickest way to Everest Base Camp.

We have designed the walking days and overnights destinations with much care, where only some rest days are omitted. So, one has to take great care and precaution specially walking above Namche Bazaar. Move forward slowly enjoying views of glorious scenery of peaks along the route.

Adventure on this short trek to Everest Base Camp Trek involves direct flight from Kathmandu to land at Sherpa town Lukla. Where walk leads on gradual path with few short ups and downs following farm villages trails enriched with Buddhist prayer monuments. Adding more, walk leads to follow glacial Dudh Kosi River.

As walk progress leaving the river behind, climb to famous Namche Bazaar. And then towards beautiful spot at Tengboche with its interesting monastery located.As ever, green forest surrounding with super panorama of peaks. Those peaks encircles with views of Everest-Amadablam and other range of mountains.

Then tree lines stops for naked exposed country. Trek gets closer to mountainous area within arctic zone of ice and glaciers at Everest base camp. Therefore, at base camp you will have ample time to marvel the surrounding. Awesome views are present within close reach to Khumbu Ice-fall and glaciers.

After a wonderful time at Everest Base Camp, next adventure takes you on highest spot at Kalapathar situated 5,545 m. Which is facing breath-taking panorama of mountains with Pumori and Everest at its closest(read: Where is the best place to see mount Everest).

Adventure completes walking back to Lukla after Namche Bazaar for sweeping short flight to reach Kathmandu. After a marvelous and great experience on Short Everest Base Camp Trek enjoy rest of the time with memories.

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Shilajit – A Proven Herb for Men’s Health

Shilajit is one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs. It has been an herb of choice since centuries in treating various ailments. Shilajit is commonly known with the names like Asphaltum (mineral pitch) and fulvic acid.

Ancient ayurvedic doctors and even the present day doctors have extensively used Shilajit in various types of ailments which other wise are difficult to treat. Shilajit is one of the powerful agents that have made its presence felt world wide due to its diversified range of actions.

Below are some of the numerous uses of Shilajit.

1 Anti-oxidant – Shilajit is considered as one of the most powerful anti-oxidant. It has a great hunger for free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for causing early aging changes in the body. As soon as free radicals are being formed in the body, Shilajit instantaneously attack on it and expels it out of the body through urine. It is extremely beneficial in locking you age and attaining youthful zeal throughout.

2 Aphrodisiac – Shilajit is extremely famous for its aphrodisiac actions. Since time immemorial Shilajit has been the herb of choice for increasing the sexual power and vigor in man. It helps in developing stamina and endurance in the body that helps him to perform to the highest level in the bed. Shilajit is also helpful in increasing the sperm count and also enhances its quality. It is an excellent supplement to remain healthy and active throughout life.

3 Diabetes – Shilajit is one of the best agents in treating Medical Weight loss. It has been clearly mention in ayurvedic texts that Shilajit is to be given in the condition of high sugar levels in the body. It also has been clinically assessed that Shilajit is extremely helpful in maintaining the normal sugar levels in the body. Shilajit helps in regularizing the sugar metabolism in the body. It also stimulates the pancreas to secrete the desired amount of insulin so as to maintaining the normal standards of sugar levels.

4 General body tonic – Shilajit is one of the best body tonics. It helps in overcoming the weakened condition of the body by supplementing various minerals and vitamins whose deficiencies lead to such conditions. It is also helpful in over coming conditions like fatigue, letharginess, lack of energy etc.

5 Urinary problems – Shilajit is a blessing for people who suffer from urinary problems. Shilajit has proved its worth in treating all kinds of urinary problems and is also helpful in curbing the urinary tract infection. As it is diuretic in nature, it tones up the kidneys and urinary bladder so as to achieve the normal urinary system. It makes the absorption of the minerals and other vitamins in intestines so as only waste products are thrown out of the body and essential products are absorbed in the body. It is also beneficial in cases like renal calculi or the kidney stones. One can also attain a good and healthy urinary tract and get rid of urinary problems by use of Shilajit.


Sisterhood Tattoos – Get Your Sisterhood Tattoo Done! This is For All Those Who Love Their Sister

Apart from all the large tattoos that exist in the world; sisterhood tattoo displays the beautiful relationship between two sisters or friends or any family members. It shows the deep bondage between two people and proves as a support to them. This tattoo is mostly used by the women. Many of them used these sisterhood tattoos to express their commitment with the other person and also get the tattoo done at the same time. Whether these tattoos are used by a small or a large group does not matter. They always represent the same meaning of “I belong”. There are different types of sisterhood tattoo. Few of them are explained in the following lines;

Formal Society Sisterhood Tattoos – Many of the female groups, use the sisterhood tattoos along with 2 or 3 designs; to represent their belief and unity among the group members. Many of them use Greek letters inside the sisterhood tattoo to identify the group. Sorority names, such as Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Chi Omega are also used; for the same Women Supporting Women.

Sisterhood Tattoos of motorcycle society – Female motorcycle groups have a symbol or a logo representing their beliefs, name of the group and also display their love for riding. Women known as the Biker chicks; develop a long standing relationship with the group. Thus displaying their sisterhood tattoos; on their jackets. In the fifties and sixties; there was a group called the Foxfire that used this tattoo to display their unique meaning. One piece of art, among the sisterhood; is the teardrop tattoos. These tattoos are inked on the skin under the eye; as a teardrop symbol. This is done; on the death of a sister.

Sisterhood Tattoos for Friends – Claddagh is a symbol, found in ring. It comes from the state of Ireland in United States. The symbol, displayed in this tattoo is a pair of hands holding a crowned heart. This signifies the love, friendship and the loyalty that you have for the other person. This is the most popular tattoo among best friends. Few of the combination; that works well with sisterhood tattoos are Celtic knots, symbols of duality and Japanese characters.

Top 5 Tips For Herb Garden Design

Can you identify the different herb garden design themes? For new gardeners this idea is very difficult to understand. Let this article guide you in creating a stunning herb garden design that is simple for any beginner, yet has a formal look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Here are the top 5 things that you should keep in mind when designing your herb garden to make sure that it looks exquisite:

1. Depending on the preferences of designers garden designs may vary. Your herb garden design would largely depend on your preferences, needs and tastes. In Europe and other countries of the world, there are new gardeners who hire the services of many gardening experts to design their gardens in the backyard, windowsills, or Garden App in the house.

2. The purpose and functionality of the design is very important so that the designer can let his creative juices flow during the design process. The designer may be very creative but that is not enough to create a superb garden. The designer must also consider how the garden will be used beforehand and plan accordingly. This means knowledge in gardening is very vital for a very successful garden design.

3. For basic garden themes, you should identify the proper use of plants, colors, and even in aromas of the herbs. Typically, some herb plants are chosen depending on the themes selected by modern herb planters. For example, you can group herbs that share a specific color, while placing aromatic herbs in a different area or you can fill a section of your garden with Italian herbs such as parsley, rosemary, basil and oregano. These are just some ideas to get you started.

4. If you prefer to design your garden in a formal way, you can use geometric designs like squares or circles. In a formal garden design, the herbs’ colors are properly selected; are arranged by height; and has a good symmetrical design. Good examples of formal design gardens are Knot gardens and Spiral herbs.

5. There is also the so-called Container Herb Garden Design. This garden is made up of different plants placed or planted in containers. Container gardening is considered as a good alternative for gardening in small areas. This design allows for more flexibility, as you can group them nicely and move them as needed.

Let your creativity shine through, and have fun making your garden a magical place!