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INDIEPREMADES – Premade book cover designs

Find reasonably priced pre made book cover designs for indie authors Explore over 1,000 professionally designed created by an independent premade book covers and book cover designer!

Hello, I am Chainat prachatree ( Joe ). A photographer and Book cover designer based in Pattaya,Thailand.

I am a self-employed graphic designer.I cherish freedom and want to become a film director.I like listening to music.

I always choose to put others before myself.Thailand’s open university granted me with a bachelor’s degree.

I can communicate basically in both English and French.

despite the fact that I speak English at a basic level.I can, however, guarantee that I will be capable of communicating with and serve every client until you are completely satisfied.

If you’re looking for a custom book cover, I recommend looking through my premade cover collection.That will give you a better understanding of my work and who I am. and if i am capacity of designing your project.

Please note : If you are seeking for an epic fantasy cover or have any other request that i believe i can’t accomplish,I apologize to denying that project.

The cost of a custom cover design is $70 , front cover only:

1. If you have a creative brief for your book cover, please send it to me via the contact form. once we agreed on the project.

2. You can select a photos from Depositphotos.yes i pay for it,You can choose up to four images for one project,i will do one concept design.It may seem weird that you must select stock photos by yourself, but here’s the benefit, you can pick the main character or element you absolutely like and you fell in love with than the designer choose it for you which may not be quite what you want.

3. In addition, I am not asking any deposit from you.when the project is completed and after three revision and you don’t want it, I will not ask you any charges.and you must admit that the cover will be added for sale on my website as premade book cover, subject to further modification or not, and my decision will be final.

When you purchase a premade book cover from INDIEPREMADES, you have an ebook cover and a standard 6×9 inch front cover that you can use in paperback format. You just need to add the back cover and spine.

Nevertheless, if you need me to design back and spine for paperback format, kindly share me your book page count. Please be aware that your book must have at least 79 pages to include spine text.

All of my premades are made using a standard 6×9 inch template; if you require a different size for the back and spine, please let me know once you order.

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