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Aden Ragdolls:

Who are we? Aden Ragdolls is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) & Cat Fanciers Association (CFA); this automatically means that we abide by the TICA Responsible Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

About us as a Ragdoll Breeder: Find out who we are and what we do

Our breeding program:

Aden Ragdoll Cattery is a small, in home Ragdoll cats breeder located in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. A potential owner can be assured that these little animals are loved and cared for prior to adoption. The results of such attention is a personality that is warm and friendly; the kind of little friend who gladly snuggles up to you on those cold winter nights.

Under no circumstances do we allow declawing of our innocent and warm-hearted Ragdoll kittens.

As respected members of TICA, we ensure that all our Ragdoll cats that we breed are tested and negative for Felv. (Feline Leukemia Virus), F.I.V. (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), DNA tested negative for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), and for PKD (Polycystic kidney Disease); this translates to 100% negative in all our ragdoll cats. That is a huge deviation from the crowd and this help us stand out as the number one Ragdoll breeders in Ontario, serving even international customers far and near.

Felv: Feline Leukemia is a virus that causes cancer of the white blood cells and of the lymphatic system. It spreads by direct contact with an affected cat and it is more commonly found in houses with several cats. Can be diagnosed by a blood analyses but there is no effective treatment. There exists one vaccine.

F.I.V: It is similar to the AIDS virus in humans but specific of cats. The virus destroys the immunities system leaving the cat prone to infections. It is not transmitted sexually but by the saliva of an affected cat. F.I.V can be diagnosed by a blood analyses but there is neither treatment nor vaccine to fight this virus. Humans cannot catch AIDS by cat contact.

HCM: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common form of heart disease in ragdoll cats. Onset of clinical symptoms usually occurs in middle age however, cats as young as one have been described. Ragdoll cats with severe HCM and heart failure usually only libe for few months. The inherited form of HCM is autosomal dominant, which means that carriers or heterozygotes (ie, those having one copy of the gene) will be affected. Although all cats with the mutation will be affected, the age of clinical onset and severity can vary considerably. It is important to note that there are many forms and causes of HCM. HCM leads to thickening of the heart wall, particularly on the left side. This in turn, can lead to heart failure, embolism and death.

PKD: Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in cats is an autosomal dominant condition affecting approximately 36% of Persian cats. This means that only one copy of the gene is required to be inherited to produce PKD, hence half of a PKD positive cat’s offspring will inherit PKD. Also being a autosomal dominant condition means that breeding a normal “Clear” cat with a heterozygous “Positive” cat (ie one bad copy of the gene) will result in approximately half their offspring inheriting the PKD gene. Recent research at the University of California, Davis uncovered the causative mutation in the PKD1 gene. A change in the DNA sequence at nucleotide 10063 was found that results in the creation of a stop codon. In other words, the correct size and shaped protein can no longer be made. Ragdoll cats with the PKD mutation will develop PKD in its lifetime. PKD mutations have been found in many cat breeds including Ragdolls, Persians, Himalayans, British Shorthairs, American Shorthairs, as well as Persian first generation out-crosses.

At Aden Ragdoll Cattery, we love Ragdolls – that is our first commitment; our second commitment is to ensure that the loyalty, love, and beauty these feline friends radiates around and spreads across to others too. Our Ragdoll kittens are the ultimate cat breeds of our generation – they are easy to train, very obedient, fun loving, usually keep their claws tucked in, and just enchanting. These Blue-Eyed Ragdoll kittens are the jewels of our home and we invite you to share in the charm that they radiate. Indeed, Ragdoll cats are lovable and are also very good human companions – whether for a small child, or grandma, this breed of cats is from the best Ragdoll cat breeders; our goal is to work hard to maintain the purity of this cat’s breed. We select our Ragdoll cats from the best Ragdoll bloodlines, based on their style and personality.

Our Ragdoll cats live with us, our children, and our dog as family members. Therefore, we can enjoy their company every day whilst also being very attentive to their needs, so that they grow up healthy, happy and socialized at early age. Our best reward is when our ragdoll kittens find a good home where they are loved and people know how to take care of them, so that they will form a strong bond with their new owners and loving and affectionate relationship.

Please if you do not have the time to spend with your new Ragdoll kitten, please consider a hamster, a bird, or even fish. They are not so emotionally dependent on their new owners for companionship as these kittens.

If you feel you can give a Ragdoll kitten a wonderful safe home, we have outstanding Ragdoll kittens, and the occasional beautiful retired Ragdoll cats waiting for you.

Check us out at ADEN RAGDOLL CATTERY and be glad you got yourself the most amazing cats in the world.


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