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Dormi Headphones believe that thehe mind-body connection and the importance of a well rounded approach to overall wellness.

At Dormi, our focus is on improving sleep quality, promoting more restful relaxation, and encouraging healthy activities like yoga and exercise.

Explore Dormi Original™ wireless headphones are the most comfortable wireless sleep headphones. Secured in a soft headband, they are comfortable even for side-sleepers. Shorter charging time, a thinner headband are the most comfortable headphones to sleep in Shop now! & and get 10% OFF your order!

Dormi sleep headphones:
Our headphones were designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind. They are perfect for sleep (even side sleepers!), yoga, running, meditation, travel, and so much more.
Check out our selection and find out why thousands of customers swear by Dormi as their headphones of choice.

Our Products
Dormi Dream
Dormi Original
Replacement Speakers

Important features of Dormi sleep headphones:
Built-in-mic for handsfree calling
Wireless Connectivity up to 45 (14m)
Impressive 10-hour battery life
Connect to any bluetooth enabled device
Crisp & Clear Sound quality

By visiting our website get more info lile:

Where can you ship?
How long does shipping usually take?
What if my package is lost or stolen?
What if my package is forwarded or damaged?
Do you accept returns?
Can I sleep in my Dormi headphones?
Can I wash my Dormi headphones?
How do I pair my headphones with my device?
What if my package is returned to sender?

And more…………

Why shop with us?
We spent hours (we mean it, hours!) reading 1 and 2-star reviews of other existing sleep headphones to find out what you liked and didn’t like
about them. We then compiled a list of the most commonly reported complaints and designed Dormi Headphones – Dream™ with those improvements in mind.


The result is the most comfortable Bluetooth headphones for sleep, relaxation, and more. Standing miles above the competition, Dormi wireless Bluetooth headband headphones for sleeping ​have thinner speakers, shorter charging time, a thinner and breezier headband for warm sleepers, and battery life up to 2 hours longer than the leading competitor.

Please visit our website & get 10% Discount or see what customers are loving about.



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