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Play Solitaire – free online card game!


How to play solitaire?:

Le solitaire – jeu en ligne de cartes gratuit , this classic of the games of patience or success that is played alone!

It is a solitaire card game, also known as patience or success. You can play solitaire for free here, this version is close to the classic version originally provided by Windows.

The Purpose of Klondike Solitaire:

Free play begins with a deck of 52 shuffled cards. The goal of our version of solitaire is to form 4 piles of cards (each pile must contain cards with the same symbol) arranged in ascending order. In this order: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 up to the King (Each stack must necessarily start with an Ace).

These 4 stacks are largely formed by the 7 columns located on the board. Solitaire, as its name suggests, is a game of patience or success that is played alone!

Setting up the game:

To start a game of success or patience, you must first divide the 28 cards into 7 columns .

After that, 24 cards that will be drawn. The empty spaces on the left will be your 4 initial piles, also called Foundation piles. Then you start the game!

Game flow:

First, on the tableau, try as much as possible to place the cards in each column of the symbol deck face up. To do this, you must create a descending sequence with alternating black and red colors in the 7 different columns. And for if you have one or more aces, raise them to initiate the stacks and release cards.

Example : you have in the 1st column a 9 of hearts and in the 3rd column, a 10 of spades. You can move the 9 after the 10 and thus return the hidden card of the 1st column.

Then you have the option to click on the pickaxe to place them at the bottom of the board. When the draw pile is empty, it starts over from the beginning. If you succeeded in moving the visible card of a column, you are in a situation to turn over a new card and to move it or not in another column.

If you can’t play that card, you’ll have to click the draw pile again to get a new card until you can put it on your tableau.

You must have completed 4 foundation piles to win. You won’t always be able to win the solitaire games. However, if you choose to deal one card instead of three at a time, you have a much higher chance of completing the solitaire game ♠️.

Tips and tricks to win at solitaire!:

Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to increase your success rate in your game of solitaire!

Do not raise a single symbol too quickly: Example : If you benefit from the start of a game of the Ace of Spades, then the cards that follow it (2, 3, 4…), do not hurry: Do not don’t go up immediately, they won’t disappear from your board. These cards may be useful to unlock your rows.

Concentrate on the rows on the right at the start: they contain the most face-down cards. By releasing them quickly, you greatly optimize your chances of winning the game of solitaire.

Balance the rows as much as possible: if you have cards hidden under a pile that is too heavy, it will be very difficult for you to release them later.

Move all Aces and 2s into the stacks before you start playing. Otherwise it will hamper your progress in the table.

Other tips can help you win at different online solitaire games.



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