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Gold is a precious metal and financial asset that invariably retains its value over time. This property has made it popular. Let’s see why it is profitable to buy gold.

Even in ancient Egypt, gold was considered “hard money.” At that time, gold was used as money. In the course of trade, gold bars and gold coins were used primarily to exchange them for goods. The Egyptians knew this precious metal, and they well knew its value: as history shows, the limited availability of this resource in nature always guaranteed its certain value. During the war, the winners always received a gold reserve of the vanquished. The increase in gold reserves strengthened the currency of the winning country.

Even after the formal abolition of the gold standard, at present, the value of any currency is oriented to gold, at least partially.

Along with physical means of payment, such as gold and silver coins, in the process of development appeared electronic money known to us and related modern financial instruments. These means of payment are often subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate and are partly very vulnerable to crises. Recently, this has been reflected, above all, in the price of gold. Around the world, there has been a rejection by investors of cash investments in favour of capital investments in the form of gold.

An increase in demand led to an increase in the price of gold: From 2001 to 2011, the price of gold increased by 715%. Although experts’ forecasts vary widely among themselves, nevertheless, most experts expect an increase in value in the medium term.


One of the most common questions is why and when to buy gold in London. There is no definite answer, but let’s look at some indicators as to when the price of gold can rise.

Just look at the events of the past few years to see what factors affect gold. In the UK, the price of gold has risen since June 2016 due to a drop in the price of pounds.

If you are still looking for where to invest, you may have a question: is gold a good investment in the future? To help you make your decision, the following is a list of three main reasons why gold is worth investing:

Gold retains its value for a long time.

Gold gives you protection even in the worst of times.

Gold is valued all over the world.

When you invest in gold, you do not need to worry about how currencies will change over time. Gold will always remain your reliable investment.

No matter where you are in the world, gold can be exchanged for the same amount. It can also be easily transported in relatively small quantities by bar or coin.


If you plan to buy a gold bar in London, then we are talking about products manufactured by licensed manufacturers. LBMA is an international union with headquarters in London. The Association unites and represents the main actors in the gold market, as well as their customers. The union includes central banks and enterprises producing mainly gold and silver bars.


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