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Xin‧Investigative 私家偵探社 is composed of professional private investigators with more than 10 years of experience. Our 私家偵探 investigators have professional 偵探社 skills such as follow-up investigation, undercover hunting and evidence collection, and are the first choice of 香港私家偵探 agencies.


Letter Investigation‧Private Detective Agency|:

The establishment of the company hopes to correct the public’s concept of private detective agencies only investigating affairs or to strengthen the public’s understanding of this industry. In fact, in many cases, the police failed to prosecute due to insufficient evidence. We may help you, even if For example, your pet is abused and poisoned, your shop or property is molested, etc… Our private detective agency can help you collect evidence and hand it over to the police. It is not necessarily the only way to find a detective when you are in a divorce. Detective agencies set up free telephone inquiries to help you analyze the case. We will take every case seriously and charge you clearly and clearly! Try to reduce operating costs and popularize prices, not to bring vicious competition in this industry, but to open up and popularize this market! To help you in need!


The general public is not very familiar with the private detective industry, not very clear about its functions, or how to determine the fees of private detectives, fearing that they will have to pay huge investigation fees, and often seek assistance until the end of the case or go to court. Miss the best opportunity to collect evidence. In fact, many cases can be investigated early, the whereabouts of children is one example, even extramarital affairs can also collect evidence early, and in many cases can be handed over to private investigators to avoid court proceedings.

Detective Agency – Work Injury Investigation Case:

An employee of an engineering company reported that he had sprained his shoulder and waist during the moving of goods, and was unable to continue the moving work. He needed to apply for paid sick leave for more than 4 months, and his position was only average. Distributed to other colleagues. When the employee returned to the company to submit a doctor’s certificate, the person in charge was suspicious of his injury, so he turned to the agency for help. After two days of waiting, the investigator of the agency found that the employee went to the mahjong parlor to play for a few days during sick leave. hours, and then went to the nearby first floor to have fun. The person in charge of the engineering company received the evidence provided by the detective agency, and then negotiated with the employee. Fearing that his wife would find out that he was a prostitute, he finally agreed to resign without pay and successfully resolved the problem.

Detective agency – case:

of cheating Ms. Wen (pseudonym)’s husband often worked overtime and came home at night, and never left his mobile phone at home, which aroused her suspicion. Out of doubt, the investigators had already photographed her husband on the first day, and met a female employee with a ponytail in the same company at lunch time in a nearby hotel room. Wet, another day after get off work, the two went to the bar to have fun together hand in hand, and when the love was strong, there was no one else to kiss. Ms. Wen couldn’t believe it when she received the evidence. She and her husband had no children, so she decided to divorce. The intimate photos of her made a big fuss at her husband’s company, causing her husband and the mistress’ female staff to resign, which made the betrayer and destroyer of the marriage pay the price, and also allowed Ms. Wen to find an outlet for her emotions.

What is the scope of work of a private detective agency?:

As a private detective agency, the scope of investigation and evidence collection entrusted by customers ranges from personal issues, such as: background investigation, affair investigation, cheating investigation, bottom line investigation, pre-marital investigation… to corporate issues, such as: corporate investigation, Business robbery, corporate manipulation investigation, piracy investigation, copyright investigation…etc. Often a background check, this may involve discriminating information and finding solutions to problems. Private detective agencies provide investigative services for individuals, lawyers and companies. A private investigator’s scope of work may also include: Commercial fraud investigations (for example, insurance policies or major accident claims). Find missing people or animals, etc.

What skills and qualities do private investigators need?:

Private detectives must have excellent insight, good oral communication skills, reliable quality and sufficient legal knowledge, desire to explore and pursue facts, resourcefulness, decisiveness, appropriate investigation and evidence collection methods, patience and persistence , physical fitness and reasoning ability, compare your heart with your heart, and try to figure out problems from the perspective of customers. These conditions are critical. In Hong Kong, there is currently no fixed requirement or legal review to become a professional private detective. Anyone who may have been a criminal and has a criminal record can start from the private detective profession. In time it is hoped that there will be a requirement for a legal review system before one can legally engage in the work of a private investigator. For now, customers can look for a private detective agency with a well-known person in charge, good reputation, sufficient experience and seniority to cooperate, because there will be great risks in entrusting a private detective who does not want to show up to work!


phone: 852 91483003
email: info@integrityipi.hk
Address: Room A, 2/F, Hung To Center, 94-96 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong (Appointment Only)

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