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Indoor Drone Tours for Industrial Real Estate & Storage Facilities

Sell your industrial listings faster with Indoor Drone Tours! industrial drone inspection

The most effective virtual tour for industrial real estate Perfect for warehouses, manufacturing plants, truck depots, more!

We create the most effective virtual tours for warehouses, truck depots, and manufacturing plants.

Public Storage Drone Tour
Midloch Storage Drone Tour
Industrial Outdoor Only Drone Tour
Storage Warehouse Drone Tour
Machinery Storage Drone Tour
PEC Chicago Before & After Drone Tour

01 Choose Indoor Drone, Outdoor Drone, or both
02 Select Your Add-Ons: Options include Professional Voiceover, Additional Exports, and more
03 Schedule Your Flight Date: Coordinate with our live booking calendar
04 Schedule Your Prep Call: Jump on a 15 minute call with our team to review
05 Get Your Video in 3-5 days: Get 2 revision rounds after your first draft!
06 Promote Your Drone Tour: Add your tour to your website and marketing campaigns

Add-On Options:

Satellite Imagery: Get a: 45 introduction highlighting your property’s location and proximity to key cities, airports, and landmarks
Memorandum Graphics: Tell your property’s full story using a combination of satellite imagery and special graphics.
Listing Photography: Get interior and exterior photos of your property for marketing or due diligence purposes.

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