Daniela Janette- Water Resistant Gold Jewelry

We proudly use 14K Gold-filled Jewelry to ensure your piece is cherished Each piece of Sustainable jewelry is designed for perfection with the intention of delivering quality jewelry that’ll make YOU stand out.



Meet Daniela Janette, designer and founder of her namesake fashion studio, Daniela Janette. Her journey started in 2016 when she started her brand and mission to create jewelry pieces & sustainable styles that will be cherished and loved by people.

What began as a desire to create her own career in fashion, Daniela began hand-making jewelry pieces with a cool but feminine edge that she had yet to find in the industry. Not only do they fit a unique style but all pieces are handcrafted using ethically sourced materials. Daniela Janette’s mission is to provide beautiful styles without the compromise of leaving a negative impact on our environment.


Every piece created by Daniela Janette is made with intention. We believe in making pieces that are both:

Designed to be unique and still timeless. Created with high-quality & ethically sourced materials so that any piece you buy will be a staple of your style for years to come.

Design- It is important for each piece you own to speak to you and help accentuate your personal style. The brand’s inspiration is driven by vibrant colors, interesting textures, and spiritual significance.

Creation- We are doing our part to stop the harm to the environment & workers caused by the “fast-fashion” industry. It is our philosophy to create ethical & sustainable products that are built to last. From jewelry to clothing, there is a special type of magic when you wear something you love for years to come & can know it has not caused unseen damage to other parts of the world.


Our growing community of clients throughout the years means the world to us. There is nothing in the world more gratifying than helping women feel more powerful and beautiful with our work. We hope to keep growing this community to empower more those to find their style and to feel beautiful however they define it.



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