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Hi, my name is Daniel khargie, and welcome to I am a well-known speaker on Instagram and Tik-Tok, viewed by millions of women on social media Like advice for girlfriend . On November 20th, 2018, I started my Instagram to inspire people to heal from anxiety, depression, heartbreaks, setbacks, and failures in life.

I started to gain a significant following: only females and I was running out of ways to speak about how to heal from heartbreak. Still, I wanted to get in touch more profoundly with my audience. One day, I was reflecting on how to do so. Fast forward three years later, I started to make content expressing the emotions those good women feel but can’t express.

I know this because I have been my mom’s best friend for over three decades, and I have been her ears that listen to her pain with empathy and compassion, so it is almost second nature for me to express a woman’s feelings. I started this in the hopes of men listening to my content to understand how they can be better men to please good women, but my content is mainly consumed by women. I still kept posting my content to help those good women.

I am known as a self-love speaker on my social platforms, and it all started accidentally because I was testing out my name and how it ranks on Instagram and eventually, I blew up. I didn’t want to rebrand my name, so I kept it, so now I’m a little famous for the name self-love speaker.

So now I’m starting this blog in the hopes of helping women and men who have been through heartbreaks, setbacks, and failures in life and want to work on themselves with the knowledge I share on relationships, life, tips, and tools for personal growth and development.

How did I become a speaker?:

I used to post long statuses on Facebook years ago, and my followers would tell me I should write a book, but I also used to listen to many speakers like Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Jay Shetty, Trent Shelton, and a few more. I started listening to speakers because, in 2014, I hit rock bottom and was suicidal for two years, and it was all because of a lot of pain building up within me that I never healed from. I went through a lot of mental and emotional abuse. But I never healed from them. I found ways to hide them well with jokes and just being a funny person.

My Backstory:

In 2014, August, I hit rock bottom, and I lost $350,000 from being scammed, which is a long story that I don’t want to bore you with, but that took me down a deep rabbit hole as I couldn’t even explain to my parents how I lost all that money, but when they did found out, I felt like the biggest failure and like I’ve let them down.

I’ve also been cheated on three times by three different women in my life, and I’ve never healed from those, but when I hit rock bottom, I started to listen to speakers. I promised myself to work on my mind constantly. I started my self-love journey in 2016. I realized that I didn’t want to commit suicide, there were demons in me that I wanted to kill.

When I started my self-love journey, I realized that I never really loved myself for years and never knew how but I invented ways to how to do so, and one day, I will share a lot on this blog on how to love yourself through setbacks failures and heartbreaks truly.

However, I studied the mind and implemented some of those things into my life because to become the best version of yourself, you have to be the beta tester of what you’ve learned about yourself and then teach others, and that’s what I’m here for.

Featured Solutions:

Most speakers on social media are famous for their real names, but I’m famous for my nickname. But I like it because when people hear me speak and see my name, they already know I’m talking about self-love, self-worth, and healing end with a sprinkle of motivation and inspiration.

In 2021, I’ve been known for giving a lot of advice on relationships. I never thought that I would give relationship advice, but my followers always seemed to ask me for relationship advice, so it began. Now I accept Stories being sent to my emails. I make podcast videos on YouTube giving advice on dealing with certain kinds of relationships, how to heal from heartbreaks, and move on etc.

For some reason, I feel much fulfilled doing that as I’m helping not just that one person but so many that are going through the same issue. I hope to help both men and women and not just women alone because there are good men who are suffering from similar heartbreaks.

What is my mission with this blog?:

My mission with this blog is to help as many people as possible to love themselves, to heal from heartbreaks and setbacks in life, to feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to conquer any situation and adversities that may occur in their lives and to also be source for advice on complicated toxic and dying relationships. This blog aims to develop self-love, self-worth, healing, and personal growth and I’m glad to be a part of your journey.

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