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Central Christian Academy | Private Schools In Indianapolis


Caring and Passionate Private Christian School in Indianapolis founded in 1971.

At Central Christian Academy, we are a caring, passionate, christ centered indianapolis private schools K 12 education programs Founded in 1971

Why Choose CCA:

Our smaller class sizes provide the ideal environment to cultivate life changing growth by providing a student- centered learning environment that promotes a biblical worldview, models Christ’s passionate pursuit of people in our school and local communities, and provides the hope for a fulfilled life.

Biblical Spiritual: Christian Worldview comparative program that allows for open discussion and critical thinking skills to be formed as worldviews are examined.

18:1: Student to Teacher Ratio

Scholarship Facility: Indiana Choice Program School with multiple financial assistance opportunities. Committed to Affordable Christian Education.

Finding Purpose: God created each of us uniquely and instilled within us a gift and purpose. We seek to guide students in finding their purpose within the Kingdom of God. ENROLL FOR 2022-2023 NOW!

Creating Leaders: Students in every grade are provided multiple opportunities to lead others and learn servant leadership.

Start And Build: Students are engaged with critical thinking, worldview examination and conversation to discuss real life questions that lead to honest discussions with topics they will be presented with as adults. Relational worldview strategies in High School are employed with the goal of student connection, discussion and sharing in the Word on a daily basis.

Discover Why CCA Is The School For Your Child Be Our Guest Schedule Your Visit:

Our approach is Every Charger, Every Day, Every Opportunity, Every Day. Find out how you can get involved today in supporting Christ centered, biblically sound K3-12 education today!

We Are CCA:

We believe when you put God first everything else falls into place. That was our founding belief and it still rings true today throughout the CCA community.

About CCA:

Since 1971, Central Christian Academy has been providing a premier Christ-centered education founded on a Biblical platform that has continued to develop future leaders and open doors for continued education at the top collegiate institutions.

The vision and mission of Central Christian Academy remains the same as the day Dr. Clinton O. Hale founded the school. The only thing that has changed is the name, from Baptist Academy to Central Christian Academy.

Phone: (317) 788-1587
Location: 2565 Villa Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203
Athletics Info: athletics@ccachargers.org
General Info: info@ccachargers.org
Admissions Info: admissions@ccachargers.org

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